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Poll: Gays More
Likely to Own Pets

Seven out of 10
LGBT adults own pets, compared with 63% of heterosexual
adults, according to a new poll by Harris Interactive. The
same poll shows that 90% of gay pet owners say their
pet is a member of their family, and two thirds have
bought their pets presents for the holidays, according
to a press release.

The November
poll, in conjunction with Witeck-Combs, surveyed 2,455 U.S.
adults, of whom 158 identified as LGBT.

have well-deserved reputations as animal lovers and pet
owners, and our latest findings underscore that GLBT
Americans are among the most avid,” Wesley
Combs, president of Witeck-Combs Communications Inc.,
said in the statement. “Moreover, the holiday season
reminds us of those closest to us, including our
devotion to our pets. Smart marketers will recognize
that gay households truly are trendsetters in animal
ownership and loving care.”

The poll shows
that LGBT pet owners are slightly more likely than
heterosexual pet owners to have cats: 63% of LGBT
respondents owned a cat, compared with 52% of
heterosexuals. However, the inverse was found with
dogs: 71% of straight pet owners said they owned a dog,
compared with 63% of LGBT pet owners. (The

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