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Jindal Lets
Louisiana Nondiscrimination Policy Lapse

Jindal Lets
            Louisiana Nondiscrimination Policy Lapse

governor Bobby Jindal will not renew an antidiscrimination
order put in place by his predecessor when it expires
Friday, the Associated Press reports.

The policy,
sanctioned by then-governor Kathleen Blanco in 2004 by
executive order, bars state agencies and contractors from
harassing and discriminating against employees based
on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
national origin, political affiliation, or disabilities.
Jindal told reporters Wednesday that because state and
federal laws prohibit discrimination, he did not feel
an executive order was necessary. However, neither
federal nor Louisiana law protects against
discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender
identity. He said he was also concerned that
faith-based organizations could not contract with the
state under Blanco's order. (The Advocate)

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