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Hot Sheet: Week of
April 27

Hot Sheet: Week of
April 27


Closeted conservative Republicans, Barbra Streisand and Hugh Jackman's chest get the royal treatment this week in arts & entertainment.

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Battle for Terra: A peaceful planet is invaded by aliens. Except the aliens are human beings searching for a new place to live now that they've ruined Earth. And they're not taking no for an answer. Bring your kids to this bummer of an environmentally themed animated feature. It'll be like teaching them to enjoy spinach.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: Just what you were waiting for -- a Matthew McConaughey romantic comedy that borrows the plot of A Christmas Carol and tames his wild sex-monkey persona in the process. Sure to satisfy people who like their movies "cute."

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Attention, all fans of elaborate facial hair! It's not simply that Hugh Jackman is smoking-hot as Wolverine -- you know that already -- but in this movie there's the added bonus of Liev Schreiber's muttonchops. When Wolverine whips out his big metal claws and Schreiber says, "Ooh, shiny," gay hearts will melt. Play the Wolverine-centric Time Warrior Game .

The Limits of Control: Mysterious people and their mysterious comings and goings populate all of Jim Jarmusch's films, and this one is no different. It stars Bill Murray and the great creation that is Tilda Swinton, featuring music by doom-metal cult bands Earth, Boris, and Sunn 0))). Theaters showing this one are going to be ground zero for hipster sightings.

Outrage: Guess who gets the most outraged over gays? That's right, conservative Republicans. And guess who keeps getting outed over and over in gay sex scandals? That's right, conservative Republicans. You know it's a trend if they're making documentaries about it. Here's one from acclaimed director Kirby Dick ( This Film Is Not Yet Rated ; Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan ). Take a right-winger you love to torment, perhaps to a screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, where it's showing throughout the week .

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Where I Belong by Levi Kreis (pictured): Between a star turn as Jerry Lee Lewis in the hit Chicago musical Million Dollar Quartet and his close-to-home role in Sordid Lives director Del Shores's upcoming film Southern Baptist Sissies , it's amazing that Levi Kreis has found any time at all to record a new album. The Tennessee-raised ex-"ex-gay" piano man is back with his most upbeat offering yet. Setting aside the emotional struggle of his deeply personal sophomore release, The Gospel Accordingto Levi, Kreis charges full steam ahead with an uplifting record that flaunts a masterful command of pop-soul music. Download "Gonna Be Alright" at . (Album available May 5)

I Am the West by Lovers: Carolyn "Cubby" Berk, Lovers' lovely lesbian leader, has flown under the radar for almost seven years now, reliably releasing solid albums of sorrowful acoustic confessions to her small yet devoted fan base -- but that's all about to change. Saying goodbye to Athens, Ga., and its diverse music community, Berk adopted Portland, Ore., as her new home base to record Lovers' surprisingly sanguine fourth album.

Perhaps in spite of the dreary, overcast atmosphere the Pacific Northwest is known for, Berk has ditched her unplugged teardrops for rhythmic electro-pop audacity, and it's paid off in spades. Maintaining an unrivaled knack for poetically personal lyrics throughout her entry into the world of pop melody, I Am the West is as catchy as it is substantive, sounding like the guiltiest of pleasures -- minus the guilt. Download some covers and live recordings by the band on their website . (Album available April 28)

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"Queer Mondays" ( Highways , Los Angeles; April 27): The last Monday of every month, Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, Calif., hosts "Queer Mondays," a showcase for the development of new work. It's open to all artistic disciplines including music, performance art, spoken word, drag, video, visual art, poetry, ritual, and dance. Tickets are cheap -- five bucks. To sign up contact Ian MacKinnon at

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Streisand: The Concerts: Put this firmly in the category of "You totally want to see this, or you totally don't." For those of you who do, this three-disc set includes footage from La Barbra's 1994 and 2006 concert tours, plus a bonus disc that includes segments from her acclaimed TV specials, the making-of documentary for The Broadway Album , interviews, and other goodies. Remember when John McCain ripped into Barack Obama during the presidential campaign for flying off to a benefit concert with Barbra Streisand ? Of course you do!

Here's video of Barbra Streisand performing "The Way We Were" in 1975. Please excuse the VHS quality.

What's Up, Scarlet? A high-powered matchmaker -- who is, natch, painfully single -- gets rear-ended in traffic by a flighty actress. The businesswoman lets the airhead move in and romantic sparks ensue in this romantic lesbian comedy. The supporting cast includes Oscar-winner Sally Kirkland and TV funnyman Jere Burns ( Dear John, Good Morning, Miami ).

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