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Republican Party

GOP’s 2024 platform mirrors extremist Project 2025 as threat to women, LGBTQ+ people, and minorities

The Republican Party is playing with language to appear less extreme than it actually is.

Gay furry hackers target Heritage Foundation

The group SiegedSec hacked the anti-LGBTQ+ conservative policy shop that is pushing the extremist Project 2025 agenda.

Hundreds of Patriot Front right-wing extremists march through Nashville

Residents and members of the community were terrified by the militaristic display.

Many Democrats panic after Biden-Trump debate highlights both candidates’ weaknesses

The hand-wringing has begun, and conversations by some about a replacement on the ticket are being had in public, while others are expressing restraint.

Colorado Republican who called LGBTQ+ people 'godless groomers' loses his primary​

Dave Williams, chair of the Colorado GOP, lost his primary after a campaign email and tweet calling to "burn all Pride flags."

Log Cabin Republicans president bizarrely defends Donald Trump's anti-LGBTQ+ record

The Log Cabin Republicans are standing by their man.

Rep. Robert Garcia: 'The Army that defeated Hitler and saved the world included drag queens'

The California Democrat expertly demolished a Republican proposal to ban drag shows on military bases — but it passed the House of Representatives anyways.

Republican congressman wants to limit IVF access to married heterosexual veterans only

He claimed, falsely, that children of opposite-sex couples fare best in life.

Republicans call for Colorado GOP chair to resign after abhorrent Pride Month email

"The time has come for us to say we have had enough," the Jefferson County GOP said in a statement.

This Gay Republican keeps making excuses for the Colorado GOP’s homophobia

The head of Colorado's Log Cabin Republicans, Valdamar Archuleta, is defending the GOP chair who sent a campaign email calling LGBTQ+ people "godless groomers."

N.C. Republican gubernatorial hopeful Mark Robinson used clumsy euphemism in place of antigay slur (exclusive)

The North Carolina Republican lieutenant governor and gubernatorial hopeful has a long record of making dehumanizing, transphobic and homophobic posts on social media. Donald Trump has called Robinson "better" than Martin Luther King Jr.

Colorado GOP calls LGBTQ+ people 'godless groomers' in Pride month email: 'God hates flags'

The state's GOP party recently sent out a campaign email that called LGBTQ+ people "barbaric," "creeps," “degenerates,” "groomers," "predators," “radicals,” and “reprobates."

Mike Johnson flies same Christian nationalist flag outside his office that Samuel Alito flew at vacation home

The Louisiana Republican says a flag used by the January 6 insurrectionists is harmless.

Colorado Republicans tell parents to take kids out of school over fears they ‘turn more kids trans’

The state GOP sent out a bigoted email filled with misinformation.

Marjorie Taylor Greene finally did it: She triggered motion to end Mike Johnson’s run as Speaker of the House

The Georgia Republican triggered a privileged motion to vacate the office of Speaker of the House on Wednesday afternoon.

South Dakota Republican Kristi Noem killed her dog. Now she wants to kill President Joe Biden's

Gov. Kristi Noem didn't just brag about killing her 14-month-old puppy in her new book — she also threatened President Joe Biden's dog, Commander.

George Santos's latest money-making plot? Reviving his drag persona, Kitara Ravache

The lying gay former congressman from New York has a new way to make a buck by turning into the drag queen he previously denied being.

Tennessee parents beg judge not to release school shooter’s journals publicly

Whereas media organizations are advocating for the public’s right to know, families of victims and others are urging the judge not to release Audrey Hale’s writings.

John Fetterman challenges Pa. school board’s cancellation of talk by gay actor

The Democratic U.S. senator criticized the Cumberland Valley School District for nixing Maulik Pancholy’s anti-bullying presentation, urging a reversal on what he deems a wrongful cancellation.