NOM Prints Enemies List in New Hampshire

NOM Prints Enemies List in New Hampshire

The National Organization for Marriage is so angry with Republican lawmakers who voted against repealing marriage equality in New Hampshire that they've taken out a full-page newspaper ad listing all of their names.

NOM says it's a list of Republicans who "betrayed" them. "They led voters to believe they supported traditional marriage, but instead voted in favor of same- sex marriage," the advertisement reads. It ran in New Hampshire papers on Friday.

In an overwhelming vote of 211-116, the House stopped a push to repeal marriage equality last month. The state's Democratic governor had threatened to veto the bill if it ever made it to his desk, but it failed to pass even one chamber.

NOM wants fellow opponents to, "Contact the Republican legislators below and let them know how disappointed you are, and that you intend to hold them accountable for abandoning marriage."

(But for pro-marriage readers, the list will probably have a different effect.)

Read the complete list on the following page.

List of People Who NOM Says "Betrayed" Them:

Patrick F. Abrami
Christopher J. Ahlgren
Mary M. Allen
David L. Babson
Mike Ball
Ronald J. Belanger
David J. Bettencourt
Peter S. Bolster
Kevin J. Brown
John J. Byrnes
Gene G. Chandler
Gene P. Charron
Chris Christensen
Jennifer R. Coffey
Seth Cohn
Timothy D. Copeland
Sean E. Coughlin
Russell C. Day
Cam DeJong
Richard B. Drisko
Richard J. Dwinell
Susan Emerson
Robert A. Fredette
Carolyn M. Gargasz
Phil Greazzo
Robert H. Haefner
David W. Hess
Kathleen M. Hoelzel
Timothy Hogan
Karen K. Hutchinson
Winfred O. Hutchinson
Shawn N. Jasper
David H. Kidder
David J. Knox
Kenneth Kreis
Neal M. Kurk
George Lambert
Frederick F. Leonard
Priscilla P. Lockwood
Charlene M. Lovett
Robert A. Luther
Bruce A. MacMahon
Norman L. Major
Jonathan Maltz
John J. McDonnell
Harry C. Merrow
Irene M. Messier
Alida I. Millham
Robert W. Moore
Brian JX Murphy
Keith Murphy
Chris F. Nevins
David J. Palfrey
William D. Panek
Betsey L. Patten
James P. Pilliod
Michael T. Reed
Frederick C. Rice
Herbert D. Richardson
David S. Robbins
David H. Russell
Marie N. Sapienza
Stephen J. Schmidt
Adam R. Schroadter
G. Brian Seaworth
Paul H. Simard
Tammy Simmons
Edwin O. Smith
Kathleen F. Souza
Franklin W. Sterling
James M. Sullivan
Kevin P. Sullivan
James D. Summers
Matthew J. Swank
John J. Sytek
Kyle J. Tasker
John E. Tholl
William B. Tobin
Pamela Z. Tucker
Karen C. Umberger
Steve Vaillancourt
James A. Waddell
Mark Warden
Michael W. Weeden
David A. Welch
Randall A. Whitehead
Steven J. Winter

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