'WE DO' Campaign Launches Next Stage Following Amendment 1 Loss

'WE DO' Campaign Launches Next Stage Following Amendment 1 Loss

Marriage licenses for same-sex couples would have been denied regardless of the amendment’s passage, as North Carolina has had a legal ban against gay marriage for 16 years. But participants of the “WE DO Campaign” want their antigay adversaries “to know that there are people all across our state – and all across our country – who are ready to stand up for their full equality. We want them to know that this story is far from over."

Via Pam’s House Blend:

Starting the morning of May 9, we will run the next stage of the WE DO Campaign in eight communities across North Carolina, from small towns with populations of less than 500 to cities of more than one million. Across the state, over 40 LGBT couples will request marriage licenses, knowing they will be turned down and yet taking this action in order to resist unjust laws and call for full federal equality. They will be joined by hundreds of family members, friends, clergy, and elected officials who will stand with them in support. In select towns, trained volunteers will conduct peaceful sit-ins after the denials of marriage licenses occur, as a form of civil disobedience. At every turn, we will express love and empathy towards those who oppose LGBT rights and those whose job it is to enforce unjust laws.

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