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Patagonia's Yvon Chouinard Is the Anti-Trump

This philanthropist, one of The Advocate's people of the year, is determined to leave the world a better place.

Beyoncé's Appreciation of Black Queer Culture Sets Her Apart

This larger-than-life icon, one of our people of the year, is not shy about giving props and displaying her influences.

Even During War, Ukraine's Zelensky Works to Advance LGBTQ+ Rights

The actor-turned-national hero, one of The Advocate's people of the year, continues to inspire.

Has Chick-fil-A Abandoned Antigay Ways?

"We have no agenda, policy or position against anyone," said an executive for the embattled fast food chain, which also has no corporate antidiscrimination policy.

Suspect in Family Research Council Shooting Was LGBT Center Volunteer

The suspect was a volunteer at a local LGBT center; gay groups quickly condemned the shooting at the conservative Christian advocacy group.


Kiss-In: The View Today Outside Chick-fil-A

See photos from a kiss-in today to protest Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy's vocal opposition to marriage equality via millions in donations.

Over 300 Mormons March in Utah Gay Pride Parade

The expression of support from Mormons Building Bridges prompted spectators at the annual event in Salt Lake City to cry.

Judge Rules DOMA Unconstitutional in California Case

A judge ruled a section of DOMA unconstitutional in a case brought by a group of public employees.

Gay Student May Wear T-shirt to School

A gay Ohio teen barred from wearing a t-shirt saying "Jesus Is Not A Homophobe" to school will be allowed to wear the item following the settlement of a lawsuit.