Candy Crowley Talks About Weight Loss

Candy Crowley Talks About Weight Loss

Gay newshounds wondering about the weight loss displayed by CNN
political correspondent Candy Crowley might be interested to learn that
the causes are natural. The newswoman known for keeping the focus on
her subjects recently talked about herself with James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times. 
Crowley said the transformation was largely achieved the old-fashioned way.

“So here it is, straight up and on the record: There has been no Lap-Band. No gastric bypass. No surgery at all,” reported Rainey. “Rather, Crowley said, she has been dieting, swimming and working out, sometimes with a trainer, since last December.”

One twist to her routine is the addition of transcendental meditation, according to Rainey.

“A couple of times a day, Crowley escapes her break-neck schedule to settle into what the TM website describes as a ‘natural state of restful alertness,’” reports Rainey.

Crowley, who spent 2008 on the presidential campaign trail, also hinted at taking a cue from her newsroom buddy Anderson Cooper.

"With the election over, if I can borrow from Anderson Cooper, I wanted to take a 360-degree look at my life and say '’What would make it better,’" Crowley said, according to Rainey. "That may sound touchy-feely, but that's what I did."

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