No Charges in Lesbian Custody Case

No Charges in Lesbian Custody Case

The continuing custody saga over little Isabella — the daughter of two women who were once lovers — is still unresolved, though one of the women has escaped criminal charges after disappearing with the little girl.

A judge in Bedford County, Va., decided not to press charges against Lisa Miller (pictured, right) on Wednesday, saying the woman couldn't be held in contempt of court because she was never notified of the pending charges — for the reason that no one knows where she, or 7-year-old Isabella, is. Miller's former partner, Janet Jenkins, wasn't in court either, but her lawyer expressed disappointment at the judge's decision, according to WSET News. Jenkins and her attorney were hoping criminal charges would help located Miller and the girl.

Miller and Jenkins were joined in a Vermont civil union in 2000, but Miller broke up with Jenkins three years later, moved to Virginia, and declared that she was no longer a lesbian. Since then, the women have been arguing over custody of Isabella through both Vermont and Virginia courts. A November Vermont court decision granted Jenkins custody of Isabella because Miller repeatedly denied visitation rights to her former partner.

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