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Sen. Cornyn Baiting LCR for Votes?

Sen. Cornyn Baiting LCR for Votes?


U.S. Senator John Cornyn told Family Research Council president Tony Perkins that although he disagrees with positions such as overturning the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, he will attend the Log Cabin Republicans national dinner next week because he needs their support to defeat Democrats.

According to CNN, Perkins sent Cornyn a letter Monday calling it "deeply troubling" that he would attend the Log Cabin national dinner in Washington, D.C., on September 22 because the group for gay Republicans does not represent the party's ideals.

Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, returned a letter to Perkins saying that although he disagreed with Log Cabin, which wants to see "don't ask, don't tell" ended, among other issues, he planned to attend their dinner for two reasons.

"First, part of my job is to reach out to those committed to defeat Senate Democrats this November," said Cornyn in the letter as reported by CNN. "The Log Cabin Republicans are doing just that, as they stand for fiscal discipline, limited government, and a strong national defense. We may not agree on several key issues, but we do agree that every committee in the United States Senate should be chaired by a Republican.

"Second, as social conservatives we affirm the basic dignity of every human life, including not only unborn children, but also adults with whom we may disagree. I believe we are all made in the image and likeness of God. I believe the beauty and blessing of America is that people of different faiths and creeds can live together in peace, despite serious disagreements. Respecting each other's dignity does not mean ignoring those disagreements, but rather being honest about them, and working together where possible despite them. I trust that was the spirit in which I was invited to this event; I know it is the spirit in which I accepted it."

Other scheduled guests at the Wednesday dinner include National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Pete Sessions of Texas. Cornyn is scheduled to attend the VIP reception before dinner.

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