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Poor Choice of Words Gets Vet Fired

Poor Choice of Words Gets Vet Fired


An 82-year-old man was fired from his job at John F. Kennedy airport last month in New York for using a gay slur, even though he meant to use it in a less pejorative context.

Freddy Schmitt was fired after a discussion with other workers regarding the end of "don't ask, don't tell." According to the New York Post , Schmitt, a World War II veteran, was defending gay troops' right to serve when he said, "Back then, a faggot coulda saved my life."

Despite a clean employment record, two hearings, and several fellow employees speaking out for Schmitt, the administration at JFK has not shown that they will allow him back on the staff.

The Brooklynite said he wanted to stay on the job until November, which is when he planned to retire with 55 years of work at the airport under his belt.

Under the current terms of his firing, Schmitt will retain his pension but loses his health and travel benefits.

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