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Thailand’s defense ministry has altered the terms it uses when referring
to transgender men, who would typically be exempt from military

When Thailand's annual conscription begins in April, "Type 2" will refer to men who have undergone breast enhancement surgery and “Type 3” will describe those who have undergone sexual reassignment surgery.

"Type 1" will refer to men “whose appearances are typical of men.”

Previously, the law has exempted transgender men from service because of a "psychological abnormality," according to the Bangkok Post.

“Type 1” men has previously been required to draw a conscription ballot, but this year, “if the number of Type 1 is insufficient, Type 2 will be conscripted as well, despite their female-like breasts,” said Thaksin Chiamthong, director of the academic resources division of the Army Reserve Command.

This year, the military needs to draft 97,280 men aged 21 — up by 9,828 from 2010, the paper said.

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