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Former N.Y. Giant Warns of “Anarchy” if Marriage Passes

Former N.Y. Giant Warns of “Anarchy” if Marriage Passes

A New York Giants Super Bowl hero is warning of “anarchy” should state lawmakers approve gay marriage this week.

Former wide receiver David Tyree was interviewed for a video posted on the website for the National Organization for Marriage, which notoriously opposes marriage equality anywhere it’s proposed nationwide.

"If they pass this gay marriage bill, what I know will happen is this will be the beginning of our country sliding toward ... it's a strong word, but, anarchy," Tyree says in the video. "That will be the moment itself where our country loses its grip with what's right. Marriage is one of those things that is the backbone of society. So if you redefine it, it changes the way we educate our children, it changes the perception of what is good, what is right, what is just."

He describes marriage as “the only relationship that actually mirrors a relationship with God” and repeatedly used religious language in his message. The New York Daily News reports that Tyree overcame drug and alcohol addiction and became a devout Christian after a 2004 arrest.

Tyree says he is “disappointed” that so few of his fellow sports figures have stood against gay marriage. In fact, former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan joined with the Human Rights Campaign to record a video of his own supporting marriage equality.

"Anarchy? Hardly,” was the HRC’s response to questions by TMZ. “Committed gay and lesbian couples have been able to legally marry in five states and the District of Columbia — not to mention a number of foreign countries — for years now and cows are still giving milk, little boys are still pulling little girls’ pigtails, and we still drive on the right side of the street."

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