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 Denise Richards Comes Out as Bi-Curious

 Denise Richards Comes Out as Bi-Curious

Validating the fantasies of lesbian and bisexual women everywhere (not to mention straight men), actress Denise Richards told Howard Stern (see the video below) that her new book, The Real Girl Next Door, details her lesbian experience. An obviously enticed Stern tried to suss out the identity of Richard’s sapphic playmate, saying, “I’m going to name everyone in Hollywood.”

Richards, who made her TV debut on Life Goes On in 1990, has kissed more than one woman in her career. In 2001 she locked lips with Heather Locklear on Spin City. The next year she had a famous shower scene with Aunjanue Ellis in Undercover Brother, and in 2008’s Blonde and Blonder, she and Pamela Anderson shared an innocent smooch. But for Richards, the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, the real peak of her lesbian-leaning career was her on-screen romance with Neve Campbell in Wild Things.

With Stern, Richards remained coy and noncommittal: “You would know who she is. I just met her through friends and work and stuff. ... I was just curious. We were curious.”

Fans must wonder if this bi-curiosity was concocted for the book (or Stern’s ratings) or if it makes for another coming-out narrative (of, well, maybe not bisexuality, but at least sexual fluidity). But for the real pressing question — does Denise Richards have a type — the answer is more clear:

“She was a girly girl,” she said of the woman she had an affair with. “She’s beautiful.”

Sorry, butches — Richards apparently likes ’em femme.

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