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Jersey Shore Gets Bi-Curiouser

Jersey Shore Gets Bi-Curiouser


Girls making out on reality shows is old hat at this point, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate it every single drunken time it happens, right? Especially when it comes with a reminder that sexuality is fluid and sometimes defiant of labels?

Reality fans and pundits like are still debating the most recent episode of the train wreck that is Jersey Shore, in which Deena Cortese stops Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from having a threesome with attractive blond twins by stealing one of the girls for herself. As Cortese and the woman known only as Twin Erica make out on the dance floor, the rest of the Jersey Shore brain trust marvel at the boldness of the openly bi-curious and quite possibly bisexual Cortese who later explains to the camera, "When you're drunk, sometimes you kiss girls."

Though the incident is refreshingly all about the girls -- rather than just titillation for the boys -- and led to the two women in bed together, it takes a baffling turn when Cortese later tells Erica to go get in bed with Vinny instead. Then she comes back. As baffling as that is, Cortese clearly struggles with her inner desires, later telling the camera she's "not a lesbian," she's simply "bi-curious." And, in more bi unity, Snooki also admits she too would kiss Erica if she were also feeling "lesbionic" that night. She was not.

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