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Ravi Not Off the Hook for Clementi Suicide

Ravi Not Off the Hook for Clementi Suicide

Dharun Ravi's attorney failed to convince a judge to drop a 15-charge indictment against him for his possible role in the suicide of gay Rutgers student Tyler Clementi.

Prosecutors allege Ravi secretly taped a sexual encounter between Clementi — his former Rutgers roommate — and another man in September 2010 and attempted to do the same thing a second time. Ravi allegedly broadcast the video, which prosecutors say contributed to Clementi jumping off the George Washington Bridge September 22.

A judge in a New Brunswick, N.J., court denied a request from 19-year-old Ravi's defense team to drop charges, which include a hate crime, invasion of privacy, and tampering with evidence.

Judge Glenn Berman agreed, though, to let Ravi's defense interview "M.B." — the unidentified man who was videotaped in a sexual encounter with Clementi. Berman said "M.B." could be interviewed only if he consented.

The defense is also seeking a police report from the New York-New Jersey Port Authority as well as information on Clementi's computer hard drive. The discovery process must wrap up by September 23, and a court date is scheduled for October 20.

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