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Gay Veteran Responds to Rick Perry's Ad

Gay Veteran Responds to Rick Perry's Ad


A gay veteran of the Gulf War, whose husband and two children are featured in an upcoming documentary about LGBT families, joined the growing list of responses to Rick Perry's antigay ad.

So far, the Perry video on YouTube has 18,011 likes and 604,266 dislikes. In it, the Texas governor claims it's unfair that gays can come out in the military while Christians supposedly must hide their beliefs during Christmas.

"I am not ashamed to admit that I"m an out, gay Christian," says Jay Foxworthy, who lives in California. "My family goes to church every Sunday, and there is something wrong in this country when conservative Christians want to use God to attack my family."

Foxworthy points out that he served in the Gulf War and "my kids actually do celebrate Christmas."

Foxworthy and husband Bryan Leffew began posting YouTube videos in response to Proposition 8's passage, and now their story is being turned into a documentary called The Right to Love: An American Family.

"It's so easy to only think of these issues as ideas or concepts that you agree or disagree with," they wrote about the project in response to questions from The Advocate. "It turns into something else when you know these are matters of life and love for real people who have names. You probably know many of them."

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