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Paul Ryan

The Anti-LGBT Pols Who Could Replace Paul Ryan as GOP Leader

Speaker of the House Ryan says he won't seek reelection, leading to speculation about who'll be the next House Republican leader. 

Is Paul Ryan on His Way Out? Rumors Persist Amid Denials

A former House speaker and GOP majority leader have stated the claims of Paul Ryan's resignation are false.

Pence, Ryan, Hatch: LGBT Rights Records of Trump Successors

If Trump does the world a favor and resigns, life won't magically turn into sunshine and rainbows -- certainly not for LGBT people.

In Raising Funds for Paul Ryan, Is Tim Cook Emulating Trump?

Donald Trump says that as a businessman he had to be bipartisan. That could be what Cook is doing.

Paul Ryan Blames Radical Islam for Orlando But Opposes Muslim Ban

Although the House speaker was quick to criticize the president, he broke with Donald Trump in declaring, "I do not think a Muslim ban is in our country's interests."

Paul Ryan Elected House Speaker

The former vice-presidential candidate won the top spot in the House of Representatives with a comfortable 236 votes. 

House GOP Nominates Paul Ryan for Speaker

The Republicans will submit his nomination to the full House tomorrow, and approval is expected, but it's not a positive development for LGBT Americans.

Speaker Candidate Paul Ryan Is a Pro-LGBT 'Trojan Horse'?

A right-wing leader thinks the antigay Rep. Paul Ryan shouldn't be the next House speaker because he's a 'Trojan horse' for the 'homosexual lobby.' 

As House Speaker, Paul Ryan Will Be as Antigay as John Boehner

The outgoing speaker has been no ally, but certainly neither has Ryan, who today said he'd consider the job.

Paul Ryan as VP Matches Romney's Homophobia

Paul Ryan has voted to ban same-sex marriage and adoption by gay couples, and he voted against repealing the "don't ask, don't tell" ban on gays serving openly in the military.