Hooking up,
finding love, part 4

Hooking up,
            finding love, part 4

Kymberli Martinez
Age: 27 Residence: Davis, Calif.
Occupation: Bookkeeper and tax preparer
Identifies as: Lesbian Relationship status:
Partnered two years

My partner,
Cindi, and I met in an online pagan group. We e-mailed each
other (as friends) for two years, wrote letters, and talked
on the phone for almost a year. I was living in
Seattle at the time, and she was in Ventura, Calif.
The summer of 2003, I went through a really bad breakup,
and we talked on the phone daily. That October, I flew to
Ventura to meet her for the first time, and a month
later she moved up to Seattle to be with me. In April
of 2004 we moved back to California. We’re planning
our commitment ceremony for May 1, 2006. I never
intended to find my life partner online, but we would
never have met any other way.

David Nall
Age: 38 Residence: Baton Rouge, La.
Occupation: Entrepreneur Identifies as: Gay
Relationship status: Partnered 13 1⁄2 years

I was working as
a manager at a local convenience store in December 1992.
Knowing I was single, one of my coworkers told me about a
blond man who worked at the restaurant next door. One
afternoon, my coworker called me from my office,
telling me that the blond was on his way to our store
from the restaurant. I took over working the cash register,
rang up his purchase, and wrote my phone number on the
receipt. What I didn’t know until later was
that the blond took his purchase out of the bag and
handed the bag to a coworker. Luckily, the coworker realized
that the number wasn’t for him and gave it to
the blond. He called me a week later and said his name
was Scott. We started dating and three months later
moved in together. That was 13 1⁄2 years ago, and
we’re still happily in love.

Catherine Campbell
Age: 18 Residence: Ottawa, Canada
Occupation: Political science major at Ottawa
University Identifies as: Lesbian
Relationship status: Partnered 1 1⁄2 years

I’ve been
with my girlfriend, Brigitte, for a year and a half now, and
we met in an unlikely place: not at a gay bar or on
the Internet but in mechanics class in high school.
The first day of my second semester in 11th grade, I
walked into that class and saw this stunning and somewhat
mysterious girl sitting at a table, so I went over and sat
beside her. I chatted her up, and little did I know
that she was a lesbian. I had hoped it in my heart.
She was gorgeous. I actually didn’t do too well in
that class—I was too busy talking to her and
trying to impress her. We go to a public school, so we
didn’t have a problem being together. She is amazing
in so many ways, and I’m so thankful I found her.

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