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Black, LGBT, American: Wanda Sykes

Black, LGBT, American: Wanda Sykes


"My comedy comes from a real place, so it would be hard for me not to talk about my sexuality."

When I came out, it wasn't planned at all. There was a national day of protest against the passage of Prop 8. I said, "OK, where's the rally? We,'re going to go to the rally." And I did, and in my speech I said, "Hey, you know, I got married and I'm pissed." I get to the hotel and I turn on the TV and on the CNN scroll it's, "comedian Wanda Sykes, 'I'm proud to be gay,'" and I was like, Oh, this is a big fucking deal. I'm a black woman, a celebrity, and I'm out.

My comedy comes from a real place, so it would be hard for me not to talk about my sexuality. In a lot of my appearances I talk about my wife and my kids. What's funny is that I would get off stage and someone would say, "You know -- I really thought you were hilarious and all, but you didn't really make a statement for gay rights." Like, jackass, I just did a whole fucking hour about my wife and kids. You can't get any gayer than that.

Wanda Sykes is an actress and comedian.
Text adapted from HBO's The Out List.

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