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Editor's Letter

Editor's Letter


One of the best things about working at The Advocate is that we're always hearing from our readers. Whether you love what we're doing, can't stand a story you read on, or want to make sure we're aware of a vote going down in your city council, you don't hesitate to tell us. And while hearing from readers is spectacular, seeing you is even doubly so. That's why we're so thrilled with this issue, our first ever to feature "A Day in Gay America."

The idea is simple: Set a date (May 21, in this case) and ask gay people across the country to take a picture of themselves doing anything--from the ordinary to the extraordinary--on that day.

And boy, did you deliver. As the photographs started flooding in on May 21, we suddenly got to see the faces of all those readers who've been writing us all these years. There were parents with their children, teenagers at prom, activists fighting for repeal of DADT--and even an amazing lesbian with her own news show on MSNBC. You look fantastic.

As you might imagine, we received many more photos than we could fit into this magazine, so we'll be running all of them--with a few exceptions (what do you know; some of our readers are exhibitionists!)--on Thank you all for your amazing participation!

30 Years of Out100Out / Advocate Magazine - Jonathan Groff & Wayne Brady

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