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Roberta Kaplan

Roberta Kaplan is the attorney who represented Edie Windsor in the case challenging the Defense of Marriage Act that went before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case, called U.S. v. Edith Windsor, is a landmark moment in LGBT rights and Roberta Kaplan played an integral role.

Iconic Lawyer Roberta Kaplan Out at Time's Up After Cuomo Report

The out attorney, famed for her marriage equality work, is facing criticism for her involvement in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's response to sexual harassment accusations.

13 LGBTQ Women (and Allies) Who Could Be Biden's VP

The likely Democratic presidential nominee could make history by picking the first out woman as second-in-command.

Roberta Kaplan Looks for Close, Narrow Ruling in Cakeshop Case

The attorney who brought down DOMA shares her thoughts on today's Supreme Court arguments.

Trump Invokes 'All Lives Matter' Logic to Erase Jews from Holocaust

The White House confirmed it purposely excluded Jewish people from its statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day on Friday.

Mississippi Law Blocked; Roberta Kaplan Wins Again

The civil rights attorney took on Mississippi three times and won three times, though this decision came down to the wire.

Roberta Kaplan Just Destroyed Another Antigay Marriage Law

The lawyer who brought down DOMA continues her winning streak. 


Why the Supreme Court Can’t Save Us From 'Religious Liberty'

The legal rock stars who helped secure the freedom to marry aren't so sure the same strategy works for "religious liberty."

Another Suit Takes Aim at Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Law

This one specifically challenges the provision allowing public employees to recuse themselves from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Mississippi Adoption Ban Struck Down

Same-sex couples are now welcome to adopt in Mississippi, a federal judge rules.


WATCH: Ban on Adoption Challenged in Mississippi

The last state to ban adoption by same-sex couples has so far refused to declare the state law unconstitutional. 

Miss. Couples Take Aim at Antigay Adoption Ban

New filings by their lawyers contend these roadblocks are not even 'potholes,' and further tear apart the discredited Regnerus study on same-sex parents.

Miss. Marriage Ban Headed to Appeals Court

Marriage equality litigation out of Mississippi will be heard by the same three-judge panel that will consider similar bans in Texas and Louisiana.


Why the Miss. Marriage Win Is Our Most Important Yet

A federal judge overturned Mississippi's marriage ban this week, in a ruling heavily influenced by DOMA-busting lawyer Robbie Kaplan.

Why This DOMA-Busting Lawyer Is Taking on Mississippi

Roberta Kaplan took down the Defense of Marriage Act. Now she's turned her attention to one of the most antigay states in the nation.

In Her Own Words: Roberta Kaplan Recalls DOMA's Fall

The civil rights attorney was honored at the Makers conference this weekend.