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South Carolina

Transgender Women Killed in Georgia, North Carolina

Destiny Howard and KC Johnson are the latest casualties of the epidemic of violence against trans Americans.

S.C.'s Six-week Abortion Ban Struck Down by State Supreme Court

The Biden administration praised the ruling on South Carolina's "extreme and dangerous abortion ban."

South Carolina’s Governor Openly Opposed Marriage Equality in Debate

Gov. Henry McMasters, a Republican, also managed to misgender trans youth in the process.

9 Times Lindsey Graham Was an Absolute Drama Queen

Sen. Lindsey Graham has mastered the art of fake outrage. 

Black Trans Woman Keshia Chanel Geter Killed in Georgia

In a message posted on YouTube, Geter's mother said, "no one should ever take somebody's life because of what they are."

Marriage Equality Bill Could Pass Senate Despite Some GOP Opposition

Republican senators mostly balked at the House-passed bill that would codify marriage equality into federal law, but a narrow path to overcome a filibuster seems to exist.

Campaign Seeks to Support LGBTQ+ Rights in Red States

The United We Stand initiative, from Unilever, Rana Reeves, and Tourmaline, looks to support LGBTQ+ rights groups in areas with lackluster queer rights records.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster Signs Anti-Trans Sports Bill

The bill is similar to a number of anti-trans sports bills signed into law in GOP-led states across the country.

NASCAR Partners With LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce for Diversity Training

"We know that fans of NASCAR look different, they love different, they're differently able ... This gives us an opportunity to let them know that we see them as well as support them."

South Carolina Man Convicted of Sodomy Sues Over Sex Offender Status

In his lawsuit, he claims that he was convicted after having consensual sex with another adult man under the state's now-invalid anti-sodomy law.

Marquiisha Lawrence's Death Makes '21 Deadliest Year for Trans People

She is at least the 45th trans, nonbinary, or gender-nonconforming person known to have died by violence in the U.S. this year, passing last year's number of 44. 

Thomas Hardin, Trans Woman, Killed in South Carolina; Suspect Arrested

The suspect is a former romantic partner who is accused in at least three other homicides.

Democratic Politician Is Architect of South Carolina Anti-Trans Bill

Cezar McKnight's bill seeks to ban trans youth from receiving trans-related medical care.

Court: Principal Was Right to Ban Fourth-Grader's Pro-Trans Essay

The principal had said that it's "not age-appropriate to discuss transgenders, lesbians and drag queens outside of the home."

Lesbian Running for S.C. Sheriff Defeats Male Boss Who Demoted Her

With her win in Charleston County, Kristin Graziano becomes South Carolina's first woman and first out gay sheriff.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Lindsey Graham Reelected to Senate

Democrat Jaime Harrison ran a strong campaign against Graham, who used to be a Trump critic but is now a lap dog, but in the end Graham pulled off a victory.

Trump Lap Dog Lindsey Graham Fighting for His Political Life

Graham, who used to be a Trump critic but is now a sycophant, could lose his Senate seat to Democrat Jaime Harrison.

Lindsey Graham's Stunning Transformation From Trump Critic to Lap Dog

A new ad uses the Republican senator's own words to show "the two faces of Lindsey Graham."

Is Tweet About Lindsey Graham Being 'Topped' Homophobic or Funny?

Quinn Cummings, tweeting about Graham being out-fundraised by opponent Jaime Harrison, says he's likely been "topped" by a Black man before.

Anti-LGBTQ Sex Ed Law Struck Down in South Carolina

The state had banned mention of same-sex relationships or other LGBTQ topics in sex education classes, except when relating to disease.