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South Dakota

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Calls for Drag, Pronoun Ban at Colleges

She included the bans in a list of recommendations on improving South Dakota colleges and universities.

Leaked Emails Show GOP Lawmaker, Anti-Trans Activists Discuss Holy War

The level of religious rhetoric included in the messages makes for a script from the dystopian story, The Handmaids Tale.

South Dakota Gov. Signs Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Youth

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem's approval was expected.

South Dakota Advances Ban on Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

The South Dakota House passed the bill and sent it to the Senate, but not before the House's only out member, Kameron Nelson, spoke passionately against it.

South Dakota Ends Trans Group's Contract After Right-Wing Outcry

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem accused the Transformation Project of "dividing our youth with radical ideologies."

LGBTQ+ Student Group Targeted With Bomb Threat Over Drag Show

Because the South Dakota State University students played host to a kid-friendly drag event, somebody sent a bomb threat targeting the LGBTQ+ group.

South Dakota Elects First Gay Male Legislator, Kameron Nelson

Nelson's victory restores LGBTQ+ representation in South Dakota.

Meet the Potential First Out State Reps in Alaska, South Dakota

There are four states with no out LGBTQ+ legislators, but that number could be cut in half with this year's election.

Two-Spirit Native American, Acey D. Morrison, Killed in South Dakota

Morrison, who was shot to death in Rapid City, is being remembered as a "kindhearted, down to earth, joyous, respectful, and loving soul."

Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws Take Effect in Five More States

It's not just Florida -- Alabama, Tennessee, South Dakota, Utah, and Indiana have anti-LGBTQ+ laws coming into force now.

Teacher Attacks Trans Students' Identities With Bigoted Letter

The teacher gave a letter to several high school students, referring to them by their deadnames and saying their gender assigned at birth was "the biological truth."

Trans Reporter Alleges Wrongful Firing by South Dakota Public Radio

"It became glaringly evident that unchecked personal bias clouds judgment in this workplace," South Dakota journalist Stel Kline tweeted.

South Dakota Ban on 'Divisive Concepts' in Education Heads to Governor

The bill has chilling implications for content pertaining to LGBTQ+ issues, race, gender, and more.

We're Here Stars Tried to Meet Gov. Kristi Noem; She Hid in Her Office

Amy Rambow says it shows Noem can "make laws but isn't willing to speak to the people she's making laws about."

South Dakota Governor Signs Anti-Trans Sports Bill Into Law

Gov. Kristi Noem's action makes the state the first to enact an anti-trans law this year.

Amid 'Terrorism' Rhetoric, South Dakota Advances Anti-Trans Bills

The votes on sports and restroom bills came a few days after the governor's chief of staff likened trans students to terrorists.

South Dakota Gov. Noem's National Ad Touts Anti-Trans Sports Bill

The ad, using the guise of "protecting" girls' and women's sports, has drawn condemnation from LGBTQ+ activists.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Proposes New Anti-Trans Sports Bill

Noem issued trans-exclusionary executive orders after vetoing earlier legislation, and she says her new bill will avoid the problems of the previous one.

South Dakota Gov. Signs Orders Banning Trans Girls in School Sports

Gov. Kristi Noem's action comes after she sought changes to anti-trans legislation, drawing criticism from the right, and some now say she's trying to save face with conservatives.

South Dakota Gov. Spearheading National Effort Against Trans Athletes

Kristi Noem wants an anti-trans bill before her to exclude trans athetes only at the high school level, not college, but she's announced a coalition to resist sanctions for such policies.