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Advocate Spotlight takes an in-depth look at entertainment through an LGBT lens with celebrity interviews, commentary, and pop culture analysis on movies, TV shows, music, books, comics, video games, trends, and more. Advocate Spotlight has the latest news about people and topics that matter to gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual readers. Hear the latest from stars and public figures in entertainment that support the LGBT community.

Taylor Dayne Talks Cancer Diagnosis & Love for the LGBTQ+ Community

The longtime ally is encouraging everyone to regularly visit their doctor.

Weatherman Erick Adame Opens Up About Exposing Himself Online, His Firing, and His Future

In an exclusive interview with The Advocate, the out former meteorologist is revealing unheard details the night he went live on a webcam.

Out Hollywood Producer Neal Baer Is Just Getting Started (Video)

The veteran writer and producer reflects on coming out in his 50s, the need for more HIV-positive representation on television, and his renewed focus on developing meaningful LGBT storylines.

This Gay Stuntman Smashes Hollywood Stereotypes

Shawn Balentine faces challenges as Hollywood's first out stuntman but is getting support from some well-known actors and industry peers.

Adam Goldman on Why You Should Be Watching The Outs

The writer and director of the popular web series on Vimeo discusses the importance for creating shows centering on gay characters and their romantic lives.

TV Stars: The First Time I Was Targeted By a Slur

Words hurt, as recalled in the stories of Peter Paige, Daniel Franzese, Jenny Boylan, GLAAD's Sarah Kate Ellis, Alexandra Billings, and more.

Carmen Carrera: 'Guys Are Curious' About Trans Women

The RuPaul's Drag Race alumna talks to The Advocate in an exclusive interview about love, marriage, and stigmas she's encountered while dating.

What Hollywood Can Learn From TV's Gayest Show

American Horror Story is both a ratings success and one of the most LGBT-inclusive shows on television. Here's why that matters.

EXCLUSIVE: Why AHS: Hotel Is Booked With LGBT Characters

The Advocate checked in with Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, and Denis O'Hare about LGBT representation on American Horror Story: Hotel (and their favorite Lady Gaga songs).

Alex Newell Performs 'Basically Over You (B.O.Y.)'

The Glee star and powerhouse vocalist, currently on tour with Adam Lambert, staged a special performance of the dance floor anthem 'Basically Over You (B.O.Y.)' to celebrate the release of his new EP.

Alex Newell on the 'Power' of Breaking Gender Norms and Touring With Adam Lambert

The Advocate caught up with Glee and Geography Club star Alex Newell to talk about his debut dance EP Power, the thrill of touring with Adam Lambert, and some advice for aspiring LGBT youth who love to perform.

The Day Love Won: Westboro vs. LGBT Children's Book Event

How homophobic tweets and threats to picket a live reading of a popular LGBT-themed children's book rallied an entire community to drown out the hate.

MTV Stars Discuss the Network's LGBT Legacy

The stars of Teen Wolf, Faking It, and more discuss MTV's LGBT programing history and their place in it. 

When It Comes to Diversity, MTV Isn't Faking It

The Advocate sat down with the producers and casts of Faking It, Awkward, Teen Wolf, Real World, and more to discuss the network's legacy of pushing social boundaries.

Holland Roden Responds to Teen Wolf Castmate Charlie Carver Coming Out

"I'm really proud of him," Roden told The Advocate.

How to Be Single Stars Reveal Their Dream Gay Romantic Roles

The cast of How To Be Single talk about the roles they’d most like to play in a gay romantic comedy and more in the latest episode of Advocate Spotlight.   

Beyonce Does Justice to New Orleans's Rich Queer Culture

"Formation" celebrates identities that once sparked shame but now inspire pride.

Say Hello to Teen Wolf's First Bisexual, Buddhist Werewolf

Actor Cody Saintgnue talks about his hopes for the future of Teen Wolf's first out bi guy in the latest episode of Advocate Spotlight. 

The Problem With Colton Haynes Not Quite 'Coming Out'

When stars respond to questions about their sexuality with statements like 'It shouldn't matter,' they are doing more harm than good. 

Why Star Wars Still Gives This Gay Kid Hope

Advocate entertainment editor Jase Peeples reveals how Star Wars boosted his self-esteem as a gay kid and why The Force Awakens will do the same for a new generation.