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emmanuel macron

What the heck is happening in France? Out gay PM Gabriel Attal tries to resign after far-right blowout

Gabriel Attal, the first out gay man to serve as France's Prime Minister, offered his resignation following his party's loss. President Emmanuel Macron has since rejected it.

Right-winger Candace Owens promotes 'terrifying' theory that France's first lady is trans

Brigitte Macron is not transgender, but if she were, Owens would obviously not be OK with it.

Gay French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal says his appointment shows the country's evolution

Attal gave his first major speech to Parliament Tuesday, pledging to support farmers and workers.

Who is Gabriel Attal? France's new prime minister is a gay millennial

Gabriel Attal has been appointed as France's new Prime Minister, becoming the first out LGBTQ+ person to serve in the position, and the youngest in over 65 years.