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Wyoming Is Latest State With Anti-Trans Sports Law

Gov. Mark Gordon called the legislation "draconian" and "discriminatory" but let it become law without his signature. The state is also moving against abortion rights.

Kansas Governor Vetoes Anti-Trans Sports Bill for Third Consecutive Year

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly said the bill is "unnecessary and divisive." But legislators may try to override her veto.

DeSantis Calls Book Bans a Hoax, Brags About Banning Books

The Republican governor of Florida really did that.

​Arizona School Board Cuts Ties With Anti-LGBTQ+ Christian University​

The board voted to stop bringing in student-teachers from the nearby university.

North Dakota Goes on Anti-Trans Legislative Spree, Including Health Care Ban

The other bills deal with sports, name changes, and pronouns.

Virginia House Advances Anti-Trans Sports, Outing Bills

Democrats say, however, the bills have little chance of passing the Senate, which they control.

Gay Dads Told They're Unwelcome at Daughter's Christian School

Don Williams's ex-wife enrolled their daughter at Heart Cry Christian Academy in Arizona. Williams and his husband, Jose Ortega, got a hostile reception at the school.

Arkansas House OK's Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill

The bill, now headed to the Senate, would restrict trans students' use of restrooms and changing rooms in public schools.

Florida Wants Teen Athletes to Report Periods — Why?

Opponents fear the move may be a way to monitor teens for pregnancy or abortion — or to out trans athletes.

N.D. Bill Targets Nonexistent Trend of Students Identifying as Animals

Six Republican representatives have introduced the bill as an "emergency measure."