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Lux Pascal, Pedro Pascal's trans sister, to star in upcoming thriller  'Summer War'

Lux Pascal has landed a huge role in an upcoming thriller based on Chilean novel The Third Reich, in which a war strategy game leads to real world consequences.

Top 15 Countries for Marriage Equality: See the List Now!

These affirmational countries are also some of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations as well.

Conservative Anti-LGBTQ+ Politician Shot in Face in Brazen Daytime Assassination Attempt

Police suspect a professional hit on Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca, 78, who is a long-time Spanish politician.

Spain Beats England to Become Women’s World Cup Champions

It's Spain's first win.

Carmen Xtravaganza, Paris Is Burning Star and Ballroom Icon, Dies at 62

Her House announced Carmen Xtravaganza's passing on Friday.

Majority of People Globally Say Their City Is Good for Queer People: Poll

The statistic comes from a landmark survey by Gallup.