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Obsessing Over Trump’s Hideous Mug Shot

Abnormality is the new normal in a news cycle spinning out of control.

McConnell's Legacy in Flames as Trump Crime Show Swamps GOP

By not removing Trump when he had the chance, the Senate Minority Leader created a colossal PR disaster coinciding with the '24 election.

DeSantis Campaign Crumbling? PAC Official Admits as Much

Maybe demonizing minorities and popular corporations wasn't the way to go.

Ron DeSantis Attacks Trump for Promising to Protect LGBTQ+ People From Terrorists

And on the last day of Pride Month, no less...

Eric Trump Threatened to Sue Rachel Maddow For Highlighting His Appearance with Anti-Semites

Eric Trump will speak at an event where noted anti-Semites are scheduled to appear but apparently he doesn’t want anybody to know.