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Florida Bakers Threatened After Refusing to Decorate Cake With Antigay Message

Florida Bakers Threatened After Refusing to Decorate Cake With Antigay Message


Supporters of a ranting evangelist are threatening employees of a bakery who refused to decorate a cake with an antigay message.


Evangelist and "social media personality" Joshua Feuerstein could be inciting violence against the female owner of a Florida bakery, as well as her employees, after she refused to deocrate a cake with an antigay message.

In a tirade posted on Facebook, Feuerstein references the "religious discrimination" laws passed in Indiana and Arkansas and says he wanted to make a point out of the gay-friendly Cut the Cake bakery in Longwood, Fla.

"I'm calling upon every Christian in America because whether you realize or not this is a war that is fought in many battles and many fronts and every time we give an inch we might as well give a mile... there is coming a day very soon if we don't stand up right now that they're going to be ripping preachers out of pulpits and bibles are going to be illegal because they contain things that are not politically correct. They are going to contain things that people are going to call hate speech."

Ironically, Feuerstein, who lives in Arizona, called up Cut the Cake and asked for a cake decorated with an antigay message. After owner Sharon Haller refused, Feuerstein told his followers -- he has over 1.1 million Facebook fans -- to take action.

That resulted in violent threats against Haller and her staff. "People (are) telling us that we need to kill ourselves and all kinds of stuff, and we're just afraid for our business and our safety," Haller told Florida's MyNews13. "I'm just afraid because of the type of calls that we were getting that someone is going to attack me in my home."

Police are stepping up patrols and offering escorts for Cut the Cake employees, but a criminal case has not yet been launched.

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