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Vladimir Putin

The latest news about Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. Putin generated worldwide controversy with the signing of the so-called gay propaganda laws in Russia, which prohibited LGBT representation in the media as well as public displays and protests that can be seen by children. A long-time officer in the KGB, Vladimir Putin assumed office in 2000, succeeding Boris Yeltsin after he resigned from office. Critics have questioned his status as a democratic leader, with many branding him as a dictator.

Putin Signs Extreme Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill Into Law

The law extends the current ban to prohibit sharing LGBTQ-related information with adults as well.

Steve Bannon Praises Putin and Texas for Anti-LGBTQ+ Actions

The disgraced Trump ally loves homophobes and transphobes.

Putin Calls Trans Acceptance 'Crime Against Humanity'

The Russian president made the remark in a speech defending what he called the "spiritual values and historical traditions" of his country.


Teen Who Criticized Chechnya's Leader Forced to Film Self-Rape

Salman Tepsurkayev's forced apology to Ramzan Kadyrov and self-harm has sparked renewed calls for change.

Madonna 'Never Paid' $1 Million Fine for Violating Russian Antigay Law

The singer reaffirmed her commitment to freedom of speech when she shared a video of her 2012 speech in St. Petersburg.

Russia Begins Targeting LGBTQ+ People, Per Putin's Orders

Lawmakers are rushing to pass bills to further erode LGBTQ+ rights in the already hostile nation.

Putin Employs Terrifying Antigay Ad to Seize Even More Power

The Russian president is behind an insidious ad seeking to cement his power for decades.

1 in 5 Russians Want to 'Eliminate' the LGBTQ Community

A new poll shows disturbing figures from Putin's Russa, though it's still a slight improvement from years prior. 

Putin Moves to Alter Russia's Constitution to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

The all-powerful Russian president makes good on his vow to permanently kill marriage equality.

Dictator Putin Vows to Never Allow Same-Sex Marriage in Russia

There will be no marriage equality while he's in charge, Putin says -- and he wants to amend the constitution to block it later.

Most Russians Believe Gays Conspiring Against Country, Poll Finds

Nearly two-thirds of respondents say "gay propaganda" is at the heart of a plot to undermine the nation's values.

HRC Urges Trump and Putin to End Antigay Violence in Chechnya

The Human Rights Campaign sent Trump and Putin a message before their summit -- by projecting it onto the building where the officials were to meet.

Democratic Party Files Lawsuit Against Trump and Russia

Citing evidence of tampering, the Democratic National Committee has sued Trump's campaign and the Russian government, alleging interference during the 2016 election.

Trump Furious Over Leak of Warning Not to Congratulate Putin

Trump was given multiple warnings not to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection.

Poll: 83 Percent of Russians Think Gay Sex Is 'Reprehensible'

A new study found a major decline in support for the gay community over the past 20 years -- even among young people.

Hundreds Arrested for Anti-Putin Protests in Russia

Thousands of protesters celebrated Vladimir Putin's birthday on October 7 by marching through streets calling for his ouster.

Trump Follows Russia's Lead on LGBT Hostility

Our failing president admires Putin's way of doing things, including targeting LGBT people for discrimination.

Putin Says Judo Skills Will Protect Him From Gay Men in Showers

The Russian president and "judo master" defended Russia's record of LGBT rights in an interview with Oliver Stone.

Reading the Far Right: Paris Accord and Drag Queens Bad, Putin Good

There's a wide range of information we picked up from reading extreme-right sites so you don't have to.

Stephen Colbert Regrets Word Choice, Not Denouncing Trump

Addressing a controversy over his oral sex joke about Trump and Putin, Colbert said his words were "cruder" than needed.