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Westboro Baptist Church

Find out the latest news about the Westboro Baptist Church, an extremist religious organization helmed by the Phelps family, having been founded by the late antigay minister Fred Phelps. Discover the history of the Westboto Baptist Church, which frequently pickets the funerals of fallen LGBT individuals and military heroes with signs that read 'God Hates Fags.' An example of this antigay protest is featured prominently in the play and HBO film 'The Laramie Project,' which is based on the events following the murder of gay man Matthew Shepard. Read about Westboro and other organizations that are opponents of LGBT rights.

Steven Anderson Says Westboro Baptist Church Too Openly Homophobic

Says a pastor who has called for the murder and extermination of LGBTQ people.

Students Rally to Support Classmate Targeted by Westboro

Over 200 came to counter a protest against a gay high school football player in the suburbs of St. Louis.

Dating App Hornet Takes on Anti-LGBT Hate Groups

Hornet is countering the groups with a series of billboards around the nation.

Westboro Baptist Church Gets Trolled on Pokemon Go

The Kansas headquarters of the notoriously antigay religious group has been marked as a gymnasium in the new interactive Pokemon Go game. 

Young Trans Girl Counters Westboro's Hate

Equality House is known for its rainbow flag paint job, and now it has a neighbor adorned in the transgender flag.

Orlando Blocks Westboro: We're Not Going to Let Evil Take Over

When the hateful Westboro Baptist Church announced its intention to picket the funeral of some of the gay Latino victims of the Pulse massacre in Orlando, the City Beautiful responded with love.

'Angels' Block Westboro at Orlando Victim's Funeral

Four Westboro Baptist Church members showed up to protest the funeral, but they were largely outnumbered by supporters.

Westboro Sings 'Shooters Keep Comin' Around' as Bodies Still in Club

The Westboro Baptist Church celebrated the Orlando mass shooting on Twitter. 

The Day Love Won: Westboro vs. LGBT Children's Book Event

How homophobic tweets and threats to picket a live reading of a popular LGBT-themed children's book rallied an entire community to drown out the hate.

Westboro Baptist Church Targets Kids' Book Event

The hate group says it will picket a live reading of the LGBT kids' book Square Zair Pair in San Francisco's Castro district. 

San Bernardino Survivor Joins Westboro Counterprotest

A month after she was shot by terrorists who killed 14 of her coworkers, Jennifer Stevens helped lead a demonstration against the traveling hate group.

18 Takeaways From The New Yorker's Westboro Profile

Megan Phelps-Roper, who cut ties with Westboro in 2012, now provides an inside look at the antigay church.

WATCH: Westboro Serenades Kim Davis with 'Kentucky Woman'

Members of the virulently antigay church are picketing in Kentucky for a second day, targeting marriage equality opponent Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.

WATCH: Westboro Pickets Churches to Denounce Kim Davis

The hate group couldn't wait for today's planned protest against the Kentucky county clerk. 

Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Workplace of Kim Davis

The small radical antigay group wants to show their distaste for the Kentucky clerk's adultery.

Even Westboro Baptist Is Against Kim Davis; Here's Why

Even the rabidly anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church has joined the condemnation of rogue Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

WATCH: Foo Fighters Rickroll Westboro Baptist Church

Rock and roll band Foo Fighters aren't going to sit quietly and let the antigay Westboro Baptist Chruch upstage them.