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When We Rise

The ABC miniseries, When We Rise, was created by Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and is based on a book of the same name by activist Cleve Jones. When We Rise aired over four nights.

Did Hollywood Sabotage My Marriage?

For one writer, watching When We Rise drove home the fact that in her formative years, film and television never represented the possibility of lifelong love between women. 

'When We Rise' Finale: The Other America

The ABC miniseries may be over, but the fight for LGBT rights marches on, said creator Dustin Lance Black.

When We Rise's Creator Responds to Ratings and Catholic Backlash

"The verdict is not in yet," said the creator of the LGBT miniseries, which received initial reports of low viewership.

23 LGBT Pioneers Depicted in When We Rise

Meet the real-life activists who devoted their lives to equality.

'When We Rise' Part Three: Hillary, Heartbreak, and HIV

Creator Dustin Lance Black discussed the show's third night, including why he included archival footage of a "heartbreaking" cameo and the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

'When We Rise' Falls Again in Ratings; 'Eyewitness' Canceled

Low ratings continue to plague LGBT television shows.

'When We Rise' Part Two: When Riots Are the Only Answer

Creator Dustin Lance Black discusses the show's second installment, which depicts how LGBT people respond when law and order fails them.

Emily Skeggs's 'When We Rise' Role Taught Her 'One Struggle, One Fight'

The actress who played Medium Alison in Broadway's Fun Home sees parallels between her character Roma Guy's activism since the '70s and in the way to fight the battles ahead under the new administration. 

Kevin McHale on Watching 'When We Rise' Beside Real LGBT Activists

The star of When We Rise attended the first screening of the miniseries, at the Castro -- and it was life-changing. 

When We Fall in Ratings, We Fail Our Movement

Television networks made history in LGBT representation with Doubt and When We Rise. So why aren't we watching?

When We Rise Ratings Disappoint

The groundbreaking ABC miniseries pulled in nearly 3 million viewers, but more people tuned in to sitcoms and police procedurals.

When We Rise Shows How We Are Stronger Together

Creator Dustin Lance Black warned against the "myopia of the LGBT movement" in discussing lessons from the first episode of the miniseries.

LGBT Activists and Actors at S.F.'s When We Rise Gala

Hollywood and LGBT rights converged at the Castro Theatre community screening in San Francisco.

When We Rise: A Love Letter to LGBT Activism

How Dustin Lance Black, a group of queer and trans folks, and a bevy of A-list actors made a groundbreaking miniseries that's a love letter to San Francisco, a journey through 40 years of LGBT struggles, and a contemporary call to arms.