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The latest news about WikiLeaks, a nonprofit organization founded by Julian Assange that has published leaked classified information from international whistleblowers, including Chelsea Manning. WikiLeaks generated a storm of controversy after Manning, a member of the U.S. military, leaked the largest number of classified documents in history. The organization worked with the British publication The Guardian to publish a redacted version of these documents, communications of the U.S. State Department, the events of which were captured in the feature-length film The Fifth Estate, directed by gay filmmaker Bill Condon and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange.

Roger Stone, 'Trysexual' Trump Adviser, Indicted in Russia Probe

The indictment against Stone links Donald Trump's presidential campaign to WikiLeaks' efforts against Hillary Clinton.

Chelsea Manning Approved for Gender Surgery, Ends Hunger Strike

Manning, the whistleblower serving a sentence in military prison, would be the first in the U.S. to undergo such surgery while incarcerated.


WikiLeaks Outs Saudi Gay Man, Rape Victims, and More

A new AP investigation finds the whistle-blowing site has shared data that may endanger private citizens; founder Julian Assange calls the report "recycled news."

Chelsea Manning Found Guilty of Prison Violations

Manning will have 21 days of restrictions on recreation; the maximum penalty would have been indefinite solitary confinement.

Chelsea Manning Sues Federal Government for Hormone Therapy

'I do not believe I'll be able to survive another year or two ... without treatment,' says the trans military whistleblower, in the wake of the military's continued delays in providing transition-related medical care.

Chelsea Manning Isn't Getting Transition Treatment

Manning's doctors have deemed her transition-related care medically necessary, but a new statement from the Wikileaks source says Defense Department promises are just lip service.

Chelsea Manning Gets Good News From Military

Nearly a year after her lawyer put in a request to begin hormone replacement therapy, it appears that the Department of Defense has agreed to treat Chelsea Manning.

Manning's Attorney Accuses Pentagon of 'Strategic Leak'

An Associated Press report cites anonymous Pentagon officials who claim that the WikiLeaks source has been cleared for transfer, and will receive hormone therapy.


Fox News Calls Chelsea Manning a 'Gender-Bender'

Fox News uses the GLAAD-defined defamatory slur 'gender-bender' to refer to Chelsea Manning, adding to the network's long track record of deprecating trans individuals.

Chelsea Manning Announces Legal Name Change

The WikiLeaks source announced today that she is now legally recognized as 'Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.' Manning also provided an update on her current state of affairs, including whether or not she will receive health care.

Chelsea Manning Seeks Legal Name Change

After coming out as transgender last August, the WikiLeaks source is seeking to make her name change official.

Peace Prize Winner Chelsea Manning Doesn't Consider Herself a Pacifist

Meanwhile, Fox News continues to refer to Chelsea as a man, using her given name, despite her August announcement that she's a transgender woman.

WATCH: WikiLeaks Source Comes Out as Transgender

The former Army private sentenced to 35 years for sharing classified government documents with the website WikiLeaks revealed today that she's transgender.

Manning Receives 35-Year Sentence for Leaking Secrets

A judge sentenced Bradley Manning to 35 years in prison for leaking thousands of government documents to WikiLeaks.