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How the World Responded to Chechnya

Chechnya Video

Dozens of gay and bi men have been imprisoned, tortured, and even killed in the Russian province of Chechnya. While our own president has yet to speak out about the atrocities, people all over the world have called for action; specifically for Chechnya to end the terror and for other countries to provide refuge to the gay community there.

Human Rights First has compiled a video of international response to Chechnya, which features music from Melissa Etheridge. "Activists are underscoring the importance of international efforts to relocate the victims of these abuses, who continue to be persecuted throughout Russia," Human Rights First's Shawn Gaylord said in a statement. "As a country founded as a refuge to the persecuted, the United States must be part of efforts to provide safe haven to the victims of these horrific attacks."

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