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 UK Taxpayers Charged To Print Ads For The Coalition For Marriage

Aussie Taxpayers Charged to Print Ads for Anti-Marriage Equality Group

There was no government funding allocated for the campaigns for or against marriage equality, but members of Parliament have the right to spnnd a certain amount.

George Christensen, a member of Australia's Parliament and opponent of same-sex marriage, used taxpayer funding to print ads on behalf of the Coalition for Marriage, the group leading the "no" campaign during last year's postal survey on marriage equality. There was no official funding allocated to the "yes" and "no" campaigns by the government. Politicians said last year, though, that they intended to bill taxpayers for printing and other costs associated with promoting their point of view. Under parliamentary entitlements, Australia's elected representatives are allowed to spend up to $160,000 per year on printing and communications. The postal survey, which was advisory in nature, resulted in a majority of "yes" votes on marriage equality, and Parliament responded in December by changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry.

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