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Young Progressive Ousts Veteran Congressman in N.Y. Democratic Primary

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28, beat U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, in Tuesday's primary. 

Milo Yiannopoulos: I Hope Journalists Are Murdered

The gay troll loses more speaking gigs after he calls for the death of reporters.

China's Trans Community Takes a Step Out of the Closet

One of the changes is a rise in gender-confirmation surgeries, according to doctors.

Rise in U.S. Suicides Highlights Need for New Antidepressant Drugs

Recent high-profile suicides — Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade — and an increase in rates generally are driving the point home.

Ocean's 8 Has Best Debut of Entire Series

"Ocean’s 8,” the Sandra Bullock-led, all-female spinoff of “Ocean’s Eleven” has opened to $41.5 million from 4,145 screens.

Rose McGowan Shows Her Sadness Over Anthony Bourdain's Suicide

The actress mourns the loss of her friend Anthony Bourdain.

Jazz Jennings Reveals She's Having Gender Confirmation Surgery

The TLC reality star has always been candid about her transition.

Aussie Taxpayers Charged to Print Ads for Anti-Marriage Equality Group

There was no government funding allocated for the campaigns for or against marriage equality, but members of Parliament have the right to spnnd a certain amount.

Dolly Parton's Songs Will Become Netflix Specials

The icon will turn eight of her hits into television episodes, and appear in some of them.

Bill Clinton Defiant: I Don't Owe Monica an Apology

On Monday, former President Bill Clinton defended himself against recent criticism surrounding his affair with Monica Lewinsky. 

Yes, People Are Mad That J.Crew Supports Feminism

Apparently a child wearing a pro-woman shirt is controversial.

Ambien Manufacturer to Roseanne: 'Racism Is Not a Known Side Effect'

Roseanne tries to cover her racist tweets by claiming she was on Ambien, but that may not have helped her cause. 

McDonald's Hit With New Sexual Harassment Claims

The #MeToo movement has landed at the nation's largest fast-food chain.

Sarah Paulson Doesn't Care What You Think About Her GF, Holland Taylor

Ocean's 8 star Sarah Paulson is sick of defending her relationship.

Lawsuits, Drama Bring End to Andy Warhol-Founded 'Interview'

Created by Andy Warhol nearly 50 years ago, Interview has folded amid legal disputes with former staffers.

At Yale Speech, Hillary Clinton Recounts Sexism From Harvard Professor

Secretary Clinton gave Yale University’s commencement speech, where she joked about the election, the Russia investigation, and shared an important story about misogyny.

The Bullhorn of Harvey Milk and Cleve Jones Displayed at Smithsonian

One of the most familiar emblems from the early days of the gay rights movement is now in the Smithsonian Museum: Harvey Milk’s bullhorn.

Actress Asia Argento Tells Cannes: Harvey Weinstein Raped Me

The Italian actress spoke plainly and powerfully during the closing ceremony of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Gina Haspel Officially Becomes First Woman to Lead CIA

With Donald Trump looking on, Gina Haspel was sworn in Monday as director of the CIA.

Chef Mario Batali Under Criminal Investigation for Harassment

New York Police have launched a formal investigation of restaurateur/chef Mario Batali.