A Russian Valentine

Damian Siqueiros's "To Russia with Love" crowd-funding project portrays iconic queer figures from Russia's history, tracing a line from 19th century to the present.



Police Woman and Olympic Athlete
The figure of the athlete is meant to be symbolic too, even though it makes reference to real events. The most evident is a reminder of the upcoming Olympic games, putting Russia and the problems around human rights center stage. The athlete also echoes the same feeling than Tchaikovsky, both a symbol of pride and shame for her country.

Irony is a powerful tool against oppressive regimes. We had noticed that the signs on the back of the jackets of the police force, when seen trough the reflection of a mirror would say HOMO, a common derogatory colloquialism or slang word to refer to homosexual people. We wanted to make it obvious by spelling it from left to right. It was a happy coincidence that the sign of the policewoman and that of the athlete put together read "Homo 'R' Us," we are the homos, we are the dissenters, and we are taking control of our lives.