The Best Poets: Hear From Lambda's Nominees

The Advocate asked each nominated poet and poetry editor from this year's Lambda Literary Awards to submit one from their collection.



From Rise in the Fall by Ana Božičević

Paris Pride Parade

I don’t know what else to say. Really it’s the middle of the night,
and I’m sobering up from too much almond
liqueur, trying to persuade my body it’s
not dying. But it is.
At planet velocity, velocity of falling in love.
She’s right next to me. And I have landscapes inside me.
Did you leave these landscapes in here? Do you know that
I can change the size
of all those memories, just by the power of thinking?
And if tomorrow I jump off, and at the same time
think the jump back, would I not hang
flying above the bridge-water? Well.
The inside of a rainbow
is brittle. A kind of waiting room made
out of marzipan
& an air of exclusivity,
like watching a marionette theater do a Holocaust play inside the
top of the Arc de Triomphe.
The inside of a rainbow is
peeling from too much
pressure of how
I love death now,
the way I used to love rollercoasters: that she and I
are hurtling towards it & breaking,
age-blooming outward from the imperceptible speed—of all
the things that make me happy, this one is strangest, oh
city of Paris,
body of spring.


Excerpted from Rise in the Fall by Ana Božičević with permission from the author. Copyright 2013. Published by Birds, LLC.

Ana Božičević, born in Croatia, is the author of Stars of the Night Commute (2009) and Rise in the Fall, Publishers Weekly’s top five in poetry for 2013. She's a two-time Lambda Literary Award for Poetry finalist. She is the recipient of the 40 Under 40:The Future of Feminism award from the Feminist Press, and the PEN American Center/NYSCA grant for translation. She teaches and studies poetics at the City University of New York, and works for VanessaPlace  Inc. With Sophia Le Fraga, she performs and creates multimedia work as part of a poetry duo called not_I. For more, visit

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