Another Gay Movie, Take 2

Get ready for spring break in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- Todd Stephens style. Writer-director Stephens, who put a queer twist on teen comedies like American Pie with Another Gay Movie in 2006, is back with more magic in Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!



Jonah Blechman,
who also executive-produces the film, returns as Nico.
His friends Jarod, Griff, and Andy also return, this time
played by different actors. Jimmy Clabots who plays
Jarod this go-around, tried out for the role in the
first film but missed getting the part. Aaron Michael
Davies, who “transitions from geek to chic” in
this flick, was actually discovered by the casting
director while waiting tables at a restaurant in New
York City. Newcomer Jake Mosser plays Andy, while the
boys’ nemeses in this film, the Jaspers, are
played by Will Wikle (host of Logo’s Round
Trip Ticket)
, Brandon Lim, and Isaac Webster.

For cast
members Isaac Webster and RuPaul, it was the
irreverent comedy that drew them to the script. “As
far as the gay sex, raunchy humor, and pushing all the
boundaries back -- no holes barred, nothing is scared
-- I think it's pretty beautiful,” says Webster.
“It’s been a lot of fun to play and be a
part of, and I feel it’s the wave that going to
take us into the next place.” Adds RuPaul: “I
saw Another Gay Movie, and I was floored. I loved its
‘no shame in the gay game’, and I thought that
was revolutionary and there needs to be more of

Blechman sums it
up saying, “This movie, even more than the first, is
a litmus test of sorts. It reveals how honest and
fluid you are sexually, whether you can laugh at
yourself and the crudeness of being a human being, not
some perfect queer stereotype.”

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