Mary Lynn Rajskub: Little Miss Sunshine

24 star Mary Lynn Rajskub flirts with Emily Blunt in Sunshine Cleaning and fuels even more lesbian fantasies for her fans.



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Let's hope for a sequel.
Yeah, maybe Norah comes back from her road trip and says, "You know what? I'm gay." And then she has to go kiss Lynn's ass.

Did you talk to or observe any lesbian friends to prepare for your role?
Not really. There are tons of things I have no idea about because I don't live a gay lifestyle day to day. But can I imagine being attracted to a girl, being in love with her, and being hurt by her? Yes.

In one scene you flirtatiously nibble a candy necklace around Emily's neck. Was it challenging to achieve that level of intimacy and sexual vulnerability with another actress?
Yeah. Because of the shooting schedule, that was the very first scene Emily and I shot together after I'd met her, and it was my first day on set. Emily and I were both so excited when we got done with that scene because it was so real. The connection that we had, the awkward tentativeness, was really cool. We both were like, "Wow, that felt great."

As a guest on Adam Carolla's radio show in 2007, you said, "I tried hard being a lesbian, but it didn't work." Were you joking or have you really experimented with women?
Adam couldn't spar with me verbally, so things got really weirdly personal. I got kind of uncomfortable. I was like, "Why am I talking about my personal life so much on a morning show? People are driving to work and I'm telling a titillating anecdote about having sex with a woman? What is happening?" But yes, I have had experiences with women. I mean, believe me, I wish it had worked. I think women are great.

Playing a recurring character on NBC's Veronica's Closet, you dated Veronica's ambiguously gay assistant Josh. What was up with that relationship?
That was a really odd relationship, and they never really spelled out that story line. I could've been a beard, or I could've even been gay too. There's more to explore there, and I was always wondering about it myself — and no one would answer any of my questions. [Laughs] I do remember that we were both supposed to be in love with Scott Baio.

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