For his latest role, actor David Millbern gets to be bad -- very bad -- and by his own account he savored just about every moment of the experience.
Cast as Liam Macklin in here! Networks' Death Among Friends, Millbern portrays a ruthless hired gun who kills a young lawyer in order to cover up a corporate secret, then goes on to terrorize the same lawyer’s family when he realizes that the precious secret his boss so desperately wants to keep under wraps didn’t die with his victim. A thriller (rife with twists, turns, and even a few explosions), the Ron Oliver–directed Death Among Friends is at its core a classic tale of good versus evil, featuring villainous performances from Millbern and an intoxicatingly venomous Margot Kidder.

Ultimately Death Among Friends, like all successful films, is simply a vehicle for the cast to tell a story, which is what  Millbern says he enjoys most about his job.
“I just like to tell stories,” Millbern says. “The job of an actor is to sit around the fire and tell stories. That’s what we all do. That’s what filmmakers do. That’s what screenwriters do. And the chance to tell authentic stories of the [LGBT] community is where it’s at.”
With Death Among Friends debuting on here! this Friday, Millbern talked to about the way telling same-sex love stories has changed over the years, playing the heavy in his new film, and the joys of working with Margot Kidder. You, sir, are really quite over-the-top sinister in this new film.
David Millbern: I know. It’s so good to be bad. [Laughs] It feels so great. I’ve got a lot of inner rage.
So I take it you truly relished this role, then?
Well, it’s true ... it’s just so much fun to be bad. I know what Joan Collins must have felt like in Dynasty. Evil is good, you know? [Laughs] The film used to be called Something Evil Comes and ... I was the evil that came.

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