Is Amy Schumer's New Film Trainwreck Homophobic?

John Cena is the best thing about Trainwreck. But the lame jokes have him in a headlock.

In an Unprecedented Year of Trans Visibility, Tangerine Stands Out

Despite trans talents such as Kitana Kiki Taylor and Mya Rodriguez providing vital insight for Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch’s script, what business do two cisgender white men have telling this stor

Roberto Aguire on Working (Sans Clothes) With His Idol Robin Williams

The actor looks back on working with the late actor for his final dramatic role in Boulevard.

14 Events in LGBT History That Deserve Films

14 Events in LGBT History That Deserve Films

The Advocate asked the filmmakers at Outfest for the LGBT people, events, and stories they would love to capture for the silver screen.

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