Hot Sheet: A Room With a Bond

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: Skyfall brings James Bond back, while artist Richard Renaldi brings us on vacation, and somehow we end up in a Shark Tank.



1. FILM: Skyfall
The newest chapter in the James Bond saga, Skyfall marks the series’ 50th anniversary with characteristic drama, intrigue, and things that go boom. We have a long love affair with Bond, and with Daniel Craig, who reprises his role as 007, back from the presumably dead to help Judi Dench’s M save the world from new Bond villian Javier Bardem. The latest installment is written by gay screenwriter John Logan, and it has media critics abuzz about a homoerotic scene. The critics are also hailing the film, which opens in theaters today, as a high-caliber, intellectual thriller that humanizes the superspy in ways unseen in chapters prior. Watch the trailer below:

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