Hot Sheet: Rent Mode

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: Rent Boy is now a musical term, the girl who got away is finally back, and it's lucky 13 for Depeche Mode.



3. MUSIC: Dido: Girl Who Got Away
For many listeners, Dido’s songs conjure a very specific and universal feeling (“Here With Me”: romantic and sexual ecstasy; “White Flag”: undying obsession), and her new collection, her first since 2008’s underrated Safe Trip Home, continues that streak. Girl Who Got Away  includes first single “No Freedom” (striking out on your own), the title track (restlessness in life and love), and “Let Us Move On,” featuring Kendrick Lamar (getting beyond a fight). Dido recently talked to The Advocate about her new music, electronica, and her LGBT fans.

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