Hot Sheet: Kevin Spacey, the Baths, and Gay Pride

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: from vintage S.F. bathhouse pics to gay jocks, and yes, even Pride.



ART: “Fairoaks Project: Photographs by Frank Melleno”
Melleno’s Polaroid images provide a rare look inside a San Francisco gay bathhouse, the Fairoaks Hotel, in the pre-AIDS era of the late 1970s. Melleno was part owner and night manager of the Fairoaks, which was run by a gay commune in counterculture style and hosted monthly theme parties. The photos, previously shown in Los Angeles, now make a Pride Month appearance in San Francisco at the Center for Sex and Culture in a show curated by Gary Freeman, and they portray “social and sexual behavior with celebration and no apology,” according to the gallery. There will be an opening reception tonight from 7 to 10 p.m., featuring the Boyfriend, a singing trio tracing its origin to performance artist Vaginal Davis. There will also be a closing reception from 1 to 4 p.m. on Pride Sunday, June 30. See a previous Advocate Artist Spotlight feature on the photos here.

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