Hot Sheet: Interior Decoration

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week range from the proper Downton Abbey to James Franco's very improper Interior. Leather Bar.



7. THEATER: The Children’s Hour
Lillian Hellman’s 1934 play The Children’s Hour, about the effects of the rumor of a lesbian relationship between teachers at a girls’ boarding school, was groundbreaking for its subject matter but has been criticized as less than progressive in its approach. But Derek Bertelsen, who is directing a new production for Chicago’s Pride Films and Plays, makes a case for its continued relevance: “In an era when a simple phrase on social media can have immediate and sometimes tragic consequences, the danger of a rumor has never been more present. Pride Films and Plays is a champion of new LGBT scripts and screenplays, but as a company we have to know where we come from to move forward. The Children’s Hour, to me, is the original ‘gay play.’” The show opens Thursday at Collaboraction’s Pentagon Theater and runs through February 9. Tickets and info here. — Trudy Ring

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