Hot Sheet: Truth, About Former Porn Stars

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include the rehab of Brent Corrigan, Josh Hartnett's comeback, and Rosemary's Baby redux.



6. TV: Rosemary’s Baby
In NBC's two-part reimagining of Rosemary's Baby, you will note the freaky lengths Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse go to in order to live a better life in Paris. They soon realize, however, that their growing child is not exactly the bouncing baby that the stork brought. Zoe Saldana reprises one of Mia Farrow's most iconic roles, with Patrick J. Adams of Suits playing her husband. No matter what you think about NBC's sudden urge to remake old movies for television, this will be worth watching for any number of reasons – whether you'll find it enjoyable or decide it's a perfect basis for a drinking game.  – Michelle Garcia

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