Shoshana Bean Is Lookin' for a Superhero

Not many girls can wow a Broadway crowd in shows like Wicked and Hairspray, then turn around and bring the audience to its feet at the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards. But Shoshana Bean goes far beyond what most people might expect, as evidenced by her soulful debut album, Superhero.




Do you go into the studio and work, or do you write
at home?
Most of the writing happened at home. I start my
basic ideas best on my own, and then I’ll bring
people in to help refine it or if I get stuck. I had a
lot of tracks from different producers and I would just
write to those in my little garage band. Then
I’m prepared when I go into the studio and
I’m not wasting time. I’ve already done my
background arranging, I’ve already written
everything that’s in my garage band, and I can
just play shit back…

So what is the dream of Shoshana Bean? Well, I have a couple of dreams. One of the
biggest was to get this album done, and it’s
done now. I want it to have a life and I want it to be
heard and respected. I love being able to perform my own
stuff. I’d really love to be able to open for
another artist. Go on the road with it, to just
continue to make records like this… whether
it’s independently or not. Now that I know how
to do it, it’s less of a daunting process.
It’s more about the writing. There are roles in
musical theater I still want to play. I’m not
done on the stage.

Well, I’m really amazed. It’s inspiring to
see an artist take a bull by the horns and go out
and make it happen.
Well, it’s less scary than it would have
been years ago, because now so many people are
succeeding independently. And there really is no choice
if you want to get it done. The fact that artists are still
having a life independently is so inspiring.
I’m doing it independently -- so Britney and I
can release an album on the same day, which we are -- and it
doesn’t feel like she’s competing on my level.

Well, she can’t sing, so… No, I agree with you -- but she still has hot
tracks. I’m a respecter of singers, but you
can’t deny that track is hot. You can’t.

I hear you’re going to be performing at Upright Cabaret. Yes, the Best Of 2008. I’m so flattered.

Are you going to be performing songs from the new album?I don’t know… I hope so. We’ll see.
I am sure they are going to have suggestions.
It’ll be "The Best Of!"

Superhero is
in stores Tuesday, December 2.
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