Do You Believe in Travis Garland?

A week after his American Idol performance, Perez Hilton’s latest protégé sounds off on Justin Timberlake comparisons, his Glee connection, and closeted boy banders.



TRAVIS GARLAND 2 X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMYou’re totally Perez’s type. Does he behave himself?
[Laughs] Oh, yeah, he’s very professional. All business.

If Perez has his way, boy bands will soon be making a comeback. As a former boy band member, do you think it’s possible for a boy band heartthrob to be openly gay and still accepted in the mainstream? In other words, would you recommend that a gay boy band member stay in the closet like Lance Bass?
I would recommend that anyone, whether they’re in a boy band or not, stay true to themselves. That’s the best advice I can give anyone. But yeah, if they can sing well and dance well, a boy band member could definitely come out as gay. I think there’s room in the marketplace for a gay boy band if their music is great and they’re a solid group with the right image.

In NLT you worked with Kevin McHale, who now plays Artie on Glee. Do you two keep in touch?
It’s hard to keep in touch with Kevin these days because he’s so busy with the show, but being in the band with Kev and the other boys was the greatest experience of my life, and I really learned a lot. I love those guys and support them in whatever they do, so I wish them all the best.

Quality connections are key, as you know, so maybe Kevin can help you get a guest spot on Glee next season.
Well, Ryan Murphy just had me and Perez out to the Glee concert in L.A., so I got to meet Ryan backstage after the show. He said he loved my single and had caught my American Idol performance, which was really awesome to hear from him because I’m a big fan of his show.

You’re used to getting attention from girls in NLT, but how do you feel about being idolized by gay boys?
I think it’s awesome, man. It’s awesome to have such a diverse group of fans. It’s really cool that the gay community has accepted my music and been so supportive of me.

NLT opened on tour for the Pussycat Dolls, who obviously have a big gay following. Did you feel any love from gay fans back then?
Yeah. Actually, one of my close friends is TJ Espinoza, who’s also close friends with Nicole Scherzinger and danced with Britney Spears forever. TJ was always a big fan of my music, even back then when we were unknown, so it was really cool to have the support of guys like him.

You’re now accessible to fans on Twitter. Are you getting any feedback from gay fans since your Idol performance?
Yeah, I have been getting some interesting tweets. A couple of them have been a little wild, but that’s OK.

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